SW Metamour Upcycle Swimwear Capsule Collection


Velásquez stands for self-expression in a free and unapologetically way, to challenge the normative, to empower the wearer, to tell stories and ideas through pattern cutting and making, providing a possibility to play with and develop your creative instinct, to create new worlds in your own way. Our swimwear collection ‘Metamour’ follow these values, showcasing swim briefs that fusion authenticity with sustainability, giving new life to one-of-a-kind garments resulting in quality and inherent value. 

Crafted in Spain and hand-made responsibly, we’ve meticulously designed, developed and arranged by colours this collection of swim briefs in Barcelona. Looking to transform end-of-life materials into unique pieces with a story behind. We have carefully considered and grouped similar tonalities into our color ‘constellations’ so you can choose from your favourite color combinations in different sizes, catering from the XS to the 2XL.

The process begins with a local sourced selection of vintage and/or second hand cycling jerseys. In this selection we don’t discriminate against imperfections, but instead, work with custom pattern cutting to take the most advantage we can from faulty garments that would otherwise end contaminating in landfills. Subsequently we take care of laundering and conditioning of the fabrics, after which we deconstruct the jerseys and proceed into cutting them individually according to our patterns. 

Each piece follows its own artisanal and artistic journey, some are made from the scraps of the leftovers color combinations, overall creating unique and distinctive pieces that we assure you no one will have the same of.

Our goal is to create garments that combine artistry, knowledge, innovation, creativity and sustainability, the result is a circular and valuable product that gets a second life.



Upcycling is defined as reusing discarded objects or materials, in a way that creates a product of higher quality or value than the original.


Unlike recycling (in which you convert waste into reusable material) up-cycling goes a step further, a solution that doesn’t need any industrial or contaminating processes to create new materials, but instead transforms and gives new life to already existing materials, creating therefore, in innovative and artisanal ways. A significant difference is the energy consumed with recycling processes, where upcycling uses mostly manual labor and reduces the costs and reshapes the consumption of our raw materials. 

As designers, we look into transforming waste into desirable new products that carry a story behind, follow an aesthetic and a slow fashion methodology. 


The goal of up cycling, therefore is not to repair and object and take it back to its original function, reducing its value, but to upgrade and maximise post-consumer waste, transforming it into a contemporary new product.