S04 Metempsychosis Lookbook


noun. The transmigration at death of the soul into a new body. \n

SS24 is a look back at Velásquezʼs identity and previous body of work. We dive back into the brand's previous collections to analyze its DNA, selling points, and core messages.
Digging deeper into the recurrent themes of gender, queer culture, and conscious methodologies that have shaped the brand to create a new collection that emphasizes the brand values and allows it for a rebirth. \n

We continue our journey to explore and subvert the archetypes of the Menswear scope with the designerʼs coined aesthetic infused with a rebellious and ‘punkguardistaʼ spirit, we present a mash-up of repurposed leathers, denim, and cyclist garments that allow the wearer to self-expression in the most personal, political and sustainable way.