Creative director Mateo Velásquez, originally from Colombia, grew between Madrid and London, taking elements from this hybrid upbringing and his own queer experiences to explore contemporary takes on traditional menswear, reflecting on social convention and masculinity by looking at current affairs and social issues.


    Velásquez, is an ode to self-expression, a gate to a different universe, one where non-conforming and anti-establishment is the rule. A tool for self-empowerment and a celebration for unapologetic individuality and self-belief, a space for different cultural backgrounds to transcend. Challenging the normative, creating responsibly, showcasing authenticity. A representation of a bold generation that confronts and interrupts the landscape to pave new ways, a place for acceptance, a reclamation of visibility and spaces.


    At our core, our brand is driven by a mission of materials circularity. Our methodology involves reintegrating and repurposing pre-loved materials, second hand and vintage garments, creating a cyclical process which vows for creating responsibly and commits to sustainable practices within the fashion industry. A strong focus on giving new life to already existing materials shapes our design and development processes, fostering transparency with our production and sourcing methods. To date, the majority of our collections and products are made from upcycled or repurposed materials. The rest sees us striving to work with sustainable fabrics and deadstocks.